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The 7 Traits of Ideal Board Members

January 14, 2013
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All right — you’re jumping hurdles and filing the paperwork to incorporate your nonprofit, but you suddenly hit a roadblock: you need to select a board. Or let’s say that your organization launched with a board comprised of friends, but their interest is fading as they discover how much is expected of them, and you’re ready to design a better board.

The following seven qualities are key traits to look for as you choose the board members that will take your organization into the future.



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My perspective on boards is unique both in its optimism and its frustration. As a for-profit consultant helping nonprofits create a great experience for their board members, I see the tremendous opportunities if a few important pieces are brought into alignment. But as a nonprofit board member myself, I am often left unsatisfied by my experience, lose my passion and find my eyes wandering to another board on which I could do more good - and have more fun.


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