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Peeling the Onion

Katrina VanHuss

The Walking Dead Sabotage Nonprofits

Recently I've written about my personal epiphany regarding the expense-is-all-that-matters filter through which we/I have looked at nonprofits' effectiveness. The new movement afoot to evaluate nonprofits with effectiveness as part of the measure is sabotaged by villains like the four cancer charities that scammed millions from donors.



Pay It Forward

F. Duke Haddad

The Importance of Marketing Yourself

Don't ever forget to market yourself. You are your most important product and key to your ultimate institutional success. No less than 100 percent daily effort will do. People are watching you—and you set your own performance bar. Read More >>


Old Dog Fundraising

Pamela Barden

You Asked—Fundraising Questions Answered, Part Three

This is the final article in a series of three that follow up on questions submitted during the NonProfit PRO webinar that David Gunn from Salsa Labs and I presented. Here are my responses to some of the questions that were raised. Read More >>


Ruthlessly Practical Fundraising

Gail Perry

6 Ways to Get The Most Out of a Major Donor Visit

You finally have the appointment with your major donor. Don't strike out when you finally get in the door. Here are my top six ways to get the most out of a major donor visit.



Bedrocks & Beacons

Jeff Jowdy

The Power of One

It only takes one person—and it has to take one person—to start a movement or an organization, to turn around a nonprofit, to take a university to the next level, to start or transform a fundraising program. That is the spark.



Navigating Off the Napkin

Angie Moore

Are You Going to Fall Out of Searches Now?

Big changes have happened at Google, and whether your website is mobile or not is going to affect how they serve up search results. Pay attention! Read More >>



Jeff Schreifels

Outrageous Service—Why It’s a Must in Major Gift Fundraising

I often run into fundraisers who somehow get it in their head that their donors only support their organization. Now, I know if they were being honest and really thought about it they would admit this is not true, but emotionally they act like their donors couldn't possibly support other causes. This is a problem. It's the monopoly mentality. Read More >>


It's Your Turn

Larry C Johnson

It’s There—Waiting for You

Far too often, nonprofit leaders adopt a scarcity mentality. There's never enough. There's more competition for philanthropic dollars subdividing a fixed pie. Nothing could be farther from the truth.




Who's Up Next?

Yes You Can: Ground Rules for Nonprofit Lobbying and Advocacy

Jennifer Gmerek, Salsa Labs

Given the many issues facing nonprofits today, and the people they serve, it is more important than ever to get involved in the public policy debate. When it comes to lobbying, there are many misconceptions. Lobbying does not always include giving money to politicians or their campaigns, but can mean reaching out to a specific legislator or group of legislators to ensure that the voice of their constituents (and your supporters) is truly being heard—and listened to. Read More >>


Digging Deeper

Matt Hugg

Are You in Their Head?

How well do you know the people you serve? How well do you know the folks you solicit for gifts? I'm not talking about recognizing them on the street or at an event. I mean how well do you know the kind of life they live? How well do you know how they handle their finances? How well do you know what their day looks like from start to end?



Outside Counsel

Willis Turner

How to Write a Fundraising Drip Campaign

According to the Rule of 7, it takes an average of seven exposures to a message before it sinks in enough to engage your target and make him or her a regular supporter.Drip campaigns create those exposures in a tactical way that dovetails with your overall strategic plan. Here are 11 tips to help you get more drip for your buck. Read More >>


Hump Day Hullabaloo

Jo Sullivan

Hump Day Hullaballoo: Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway

This week, as I transition into my new position as interim executive director at Save the Chimps, we're talking about change — its inevitability; its power to invoke fear; and ultimately, our power to overcome that fear, ride out the transition and embrace any brave, new worlds that result from it. Read More >>


Get Engaged

Margaret Battistelli

What's Cooking in 2015?

Here's your chance to chime in and help us paint a picture of trends and best practices across all aspects of the nonprofit world in the new year. Read More >>


Donor Trippin'

Nick Allen

Is There an App for Us?

Got an idea for an app that could connect a charity or nonprofit with its supporters and beneficiaries in an ongoing way, one that could become part of their daily or at least weekly lives? Read More >>


Raising the Possibilities

Thaddeus B. Kubis

Recurring Themes: The Case for Integrated Marketing Communications, Part 2

Recent discussions focus on a myriad of topics, but in the past two months, the recurring targeted topics seem to include the following: cold calling, converting supporters into superstars, the education angle, increased brand awareness, determining what is fundraising ROI, how to apply for grants, the correct use of social media, and planning and executing events. In part 1, I covered the first half of these themes. Here, I tackle the remaining themes.