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Old Dog Fundraising

Pamela Barden

Fundraising Decision-Making: No Power in the Audience of 1

For some reason, fundraisers or their bosses often put too much weight on the opinion of an audience of one. Rather than thoughtfully considering it in light of the whole picture, the response is too often wholesale change.



It's Your Turn

Larry C Johnson

Reaching Out — and Reclaiming the Relationship

Pay particular attention to renewing your relationships with those loyal supporters as you reach out to potential new donors. Never make the mistake of thinking that one can replace the other. Read More >>


Ruthlessly Practical Fundraising

Gail Perry

How Fundraising Is Turning Into 'Fund Marketing'

Communications best practices merge the "fundraising" function and the "marketing/communications" function. So if you want to be successful at fundraising, you have to master some marketing skills and become a master at "fund marketing."


Bedrocks & Beacons

Jeff Jowdy

7 Deadly Sins of Fundraising

A campaign to encourage board giving had too many foundational principles that were violated. Here are the seven deadly sins of fundraising committed, sins you can avoid by following fundraising best practices.


Navigating Off the Napkin

Angie Moore

Nonprofit Marketers: Do You Bring Full Value to the Table?

"Marketers" have unique roles within nonprofit organizations, but what about you and your direct marketing team? Read More >>



Jeff Schreifels

Being Authentic: The Only Way You Can Be as a Major-Gifts Officer

One of the greatest struggles as a major-gifts officer, and for colleagues who work with major donors, is to be authentic. By being authentic, I mean being true to yourself and your motives when working with your donors.



Outside Counsel

Willis Turner

Story Styles That Open Readers' Wallets, Part 1

It takes a little extra effort, and often some extra homework, to make case studies compelling enough to persuade a reader to reach for her wallet. But that's what you're there for, right? If it were easy, anybody could do it.



Get What You Give

Joe Boland

2012 FS Lifetime Achievement Honoree Geoff Peters Named 2015 Max Hart Nonprofit Achievement Award Winner

The DMA Nonprofit Federation is honoring Geoff Peters, CEO of Moore Direct Marketing Group, for his dedicated service with the 2015 Max Hart Nonprofit Achievement Award. Read More >>


Pay It Forward

F. Duke Haddad

The Fundraiser's Daily Grind

To give it your best you must be on top of your game and give 100 percent. Our jobs are not easy, and we need to understand that a balance is required for success. If you do not know what the problem is, you will not have a solution for it. Think about what you need to do each day and how you can increase the quality of productivity over time. In reality, it is only a grind if you let it be a grind. Adjust your attitude, and you will look at each day in a positive way! Read More >>


Get Engaged

Margaret Battistelli

What's Cooking in 2015?

Here's your chance to chime in and help us paint a picture of trends and best practices across all aspects of the nonprofit world in the new year. Read More >>



Who's Up Next?

Why Nonprofits Should Run Like Businesses

Lucy Morillo

Throughout my career, as a "reformed" lawyer, I have learned that in order to succeed in raising funds as a nonprofit organization, we must think and act like a business. What makes us different is that our bottom line is not just generating dollars, but more resources and, ultimately, more opportunities for the people we serve. Read More >>


Donor Trippin'

Nick Allen

Is There an App for Us?

Got an idea for an app that could connect a charity or nonprofit with its supporters and beneficiaries in an ongoing way, one that could become part of their daily or at least weekly lives? Read More >>


Raising the Possibilities

Thaddeus B. Kubis

Recurring Themes: The Case for Integrated Marketing Communications, Part 2

Recent discussions focus on a myriad of topics, but in the past two months, the recurring targeted topics seem to include the following: cold calling, converting supporters into superstars, the education angle, increased brand awareness, determining what is fundraising ROI, how to apply for grants, the correct use of social media, and planning and executing events. In part 1, I covered the first half of these themes. Here, I tackle the remaining themes.



Hump Day Hullabaloo

Jo Sullivan

Hump Day Hullaballoo: Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway

This week, as I transition into my new position as interim executive director at Save the Chimps, we're talking about change — its inevitability; its power to invoke fear; and ultimately, our power to overcome that fear, ride out the transition and embrace any brave, new worlds that result from it. Read More >>