Old Dog Fundraising

Pamela Barden

6 Baby Steps to Transition to a Full Direct-Response Fundraising Program

I admit it — if you follow these six steps you won’t have a model fundraising program in place. But beating your head against the wall until you finally give up isn’t a good solution, either. Start small and make sure everyone on the team knows about the successes and sees the positive notes and emails you receive from donors. Be the best cheerleader for fundraising. Read More >>


Bedrocks & Beacons

Jeff Jowdy

Making the Right Choices as Fundraising Professionals

I have been thinking about a career in fundraising and the choices that we make that define who we are and our work. Here are some choices that we, as fundraising professionals, should be making. Read More >>


Navigating Off the Napkin

Angie Moore

Do You Leverage All the Thinking Hats?

Decision making is tough enough, so let these "thinking steps" help you break it down.


Outside Counsel

Willis Turner

How to Write a (Fundraising) Thank-You Note

Acknowledgement letters aren't designed to make money. But they can often pay for themselves, and sometimes even bring in a little extra revenue.



Pay It Forward

F. Duke Haddad

I Got to Engage. Now It's Your Turn!

We all have a habit of going to work, doing our jobs and then going home. Have you thought of truly engaging with others? Read More >>


Get What You Give

Joe Boland

Time to Engage!

It's finally here. It's been roughly 11 months since our inaugural Engage Conference, and after such wonderful response and participation last year, we here at FundRaising Success knew we had to keep it going. And now the day is finally just here, with the second annual Engage Conference all set for tomorrow at the WHYY building in Philadelphia. Read More >>



Who's Up Next?

7 Steps to Retain Your Fundraisers

Focus group respondents revealed a need for leaders to better configure the shared values, style, structure, systems, staffing and strategy within their organizations. The study’s findings were used to construct seven corrective action steps for nonprofit leaders managing the daily activities of charitable fundraisers.


Outrageous Hope

Margaret Battistelli

Circle Up at the Engage Roundtables!

What I love about the roundtables is that they are almost completely attendee-driven. The moderators say a quick hi and share an overview of the topic, but then the discussion is steered by the questions posed by the guests at the table. Read More >>


Raising the Possibilities

Thaddeus B. Kubis

Recurring Themes: The Case for Integrated Marketing Communications, Part 2

Recent discussions focus on a myriad of topics, but in the past two months, the recurring targeted topics seem to include the following: cold calling, converting supporters into superstars, the education angle, increased brand awareness, determining what is fundraising ROI, how to apply for grants, the correct use of social media, and planning and executing events. In part 1, I covered the first half of these themes. Here, I tackle the remaining themes.



Hump Day Hullabaloo

Jo Sullivan

Hump Day Hullaballoo: Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway

This week, as I transition into my new position as interim executive director at Save the Chimps, we're talking about change — its inevitability; its power to invoke fear; and ultimately, our power to overcome that fear, ride out the transition and embrace any brave, new worlds that result from it. Read More >>