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Managing Editor

Get What You Give

By Joe Boland

About Joe

Joe loves the 5 F's: food, fun, friends, football and fundraising

Joe has been with FundRaising Success since 2008, first as the magazine's copy editor, then senior editor and now managing editor. Prior to joining the magazine, he was a sportswriter for Montgomery Newspapers, covering high school and community sports in suburban Philadelphia. He is a graduate of Penn State University in University Park, Pa. Contact him via e-mail at or on Twitter at @JoeBolandFRS.


Outrageous Hope

Margaret Battistelli
Engage P2P Keynote: Marty Coelho
Jul 29, 2014

Marty Coelho was one of the driving forces behind Relay for Life. You probably don't  know him in that context....


Richard Perry
How a 'No' Becomes a 'Yes'
Jul 28, 2014

I've realized that no's are my friends. They provide a learning. They give me wisdom. They shine a light on...

Outside Counsel

Willis Turner
Is Clickbait Fundraising Evil? The Answer May Shock You!
Jul 28, 2014

The fact that some writers use clickbait for devious purposes doesn't make the technique itself bad, any more than a...


Who's Up Next?
5 Reasons to Use Event Management Software to Plan Your Next Fundraising Event
Jul 28, 2014

Let the software do most of the work so you can concentrate on ensuring the most success for your fundraising...

Pay It Forward

F. Duke Haddad
Is Leadership Transition a Problem for You?
Jul 25, 2014

You cannot control leadership transition, but you can control how you deal with it and you can be prepared for...

Old Dog Fundraising

Pamela Barden
Never Stop Asking Why
Jul 24, 2014

What if, instead of simply going with the flow, we started asking why? Here are some fundraising things worth asking...

Ruthlessly Practical Fundraising

Gail Perry
The Secret to a Smart Annual Fundraising Plan
Jul 23, 2014

When you make smart choices and set thoughtful priorities about where you are going to spend your time and resources,...

Navigating Off the Napkin

Angie Moore
Picking Apart the 2014 Giving USA Stats
Jul 22, 2014

Are we back to pre-recession giving yet? Look to the 2014 Giving USA stats.

Donor Trippin'

Nick Allen
Is There an App for Us?
Jul 1, 2014

Got an idea for an app that could connect a charity or nonprofit with its supporters and beneficiaries in an...

Bedrocks & Beacons

Jeff Jowdy
What Is Your Strategy to Make and Keep Connections?
Jul 16, 2014

Relationships can be magical when nurtured. Be sure that you are focused on the right professional relationships to ensure success...

Raising the Possibilities

Thaddeus B. Kubis
Recurring Themes: The Case for Integrated Marketing Communications, Part 2
Dec 27, 2013

Recent discussions focus on a myriad of topics, but in the past two months, the recurring targeted topics seem to...

Hump Day Hullabaloo

Jo Sullivan
Hump Day Hullaballoo: Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway
May 22, 2013

This week, as I transition into my new position as interim executive director at Save the Chimps, we're talking about...

Gold Awards Flashback: Democratic National Committee (2013 Telefundraising Campaign of the Year)

Companies Mentioned:

Fundraising Special Events Report: Raising Money and Awareness

The goal of any fundraising event is to raise money for a worthy cause. However, according to the recently released 2014 Special Events Report from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, raising awareness and education is also an important goal of fundraising events.

Gold Awards Flashback: The Nature Conservancy (2011 Grand Control of the Year)

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence, take a look back at the 2011 Grand Control of the Year from The Nature Conservancy.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:


Talking Grants With GE Foundation's Asha Varghese

Asha Varghese, director of global health programs at the GE Foundation, discusses her foundation's grant process and shares keys for fundraisers seeking grants.

Gold Awards Flashback: Monmouth University (2013 Special Events Campaign of the Year)

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence, take a look back at last year's Special Events Campaign of the Year from Monmouth University.  Read More >>

Report: Annual Funds Increase the Likelihood of Fundraising Success

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative's recently released Special Report About Annual Funds explores the topic of annual funds and how important they are to fundraising success. Here are a few key findings from the report following the accompanying infographic.  Read More >>

Gold Awards Flashback: Muscular Dystrophy Association (2010 Campaign of the Year)

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence, take a look back at the 2010 Campaign of the Year from Muscular Dystrophy Association and DaVinci Direct.  Read More >>


The Top 10 Largest Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events in the U.S.

Social fundraising provider RallyBound recently released this handy infographic of the "Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events," all of which include peer-to-peer fundraising. The list is based on the total fundraising results from 2013 for each event.  Read More >>

Gold Awards Flashback: New York Public Library (2011 On the Edge Winner)

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence, take a look back at the 2011 On the Edge Campaign of the Year from New York Public Library.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Corporate Giving: The 10 Companies That Gave the Most in 2013

The Chronicle of Philanthropy released its list of the "10 Companies That Gave the Most Cash in 2013," which serves as a reminder that nonprofit corporate partnerships need to make sense for both parties.

Companies Mentioned:

From the Bridge Conference: Your Mission or Your Overhead Ratio?

At the 2014 Bridge Conference, Wounded Warrior Project's Steve Nardizzi took on the charity watchdogs and media, saying nonprofits should manage to their missions, not to misguided assumptions about overhead ratios.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Gold Awards Flashback: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (2012 Grand Control of the Year)


Gold Awards Flashback: 2006 Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence Winners

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence, take a look back at the 2006 winners, headlined by the Package of the Year winner from Food for the Hungry.  Read More >>