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The spectrum of strategies and campaign types from annual giving to bequests, as well as other means of attaining funds to support the nonprofit mission


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'We Don't Want Your Money …'

Gail Perry August 20, 2014

This approach and these ideas can guide you to much, much bigger money. It's all in how you approach your donor....

Are You Delighting Your Donors?

Jeff Schreifels August 18, 2014

There are hundreds of ways to do just that. But none of them will do any good unless you actually do them!...

The Big 3 Ingredients in a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Jeff Jowdy August 13, 2014

A compelling case, inspiring leadership, the right plan, and skillfully and timely execution are essential!...

How Events Can Ruin a Major-Gifts Program

Richard Perry August 11, 2014

Inviting major donors to an event defeats the requirement of creating personal, cause-connected relationships with them and results in raising less money from those who...

The Perfect Recipe for Donor Prospect List Segmentation

ProSpeak August 11, 2014

Looking for the perfect recipe for donor prospect list segmentation? With just a few ingredients, you can tailor every donor prospect acquisition effort. ...

Case Study: Vassar College's Vassar500 24-Hour Crowdfunding Campaign

Vassar500_1 August 8, 2014

Learn how liberal arts institution Vassar College executed a crowdfunding campaign for its annual fund....

Call It What You Will, But It Is Fundraising — Isn't It?

Jeff Jowdy August 6, 2014

Labeling a campaign volunteer a "storyteller" blurs what is expected of the annual-fund volunteers — that they ask for a gift....

4 Unconventional Ways to be a Successful Major-Gifts Fundraiser

Jeff Schreifels August 4, 2014

My business partner and good friend, Richard Perry, has this sign he put up in his office that says, "Preserve Self." I love it because...

Why Coordination Is a Crucial Component of Your Funding Strategy

ProSpeak August 1, 2014

Organizations require consistent, diverse funding streams to keep vital programming alive. However, many organizations lack comprehensive strategic plans that integrate philanthropic giving and grant...

How to Deal With Objections

Richard Perry 2014 Headshot August 2014

Objections are simply signals of something deeper. Embrace them and look for the real meaning. That meaning will lead you to the place you need...