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Issues dealing with lists, segmentation, donor relationship management, privacy, data mining, testing, modeling, statistics, etc.


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A Much Better Way to Make Money Than Fundraising

Charlie Hulme February 24, 2015

The opinions, thoughts and feelings of our prospects, supporters and donors exist whether we seek them or not; 100 percent of the risk lies...

Does Bad Software Hurt Nonprofits?

Software Blog 1 February 12, 2015

The short answer is yes. If your data-tracking systems need their own organization charts or binders full of complicated instructions, then your software infrastructure is...

70 Nonprofit Trends for 2015

CoverStory_beauty February 2015

To get a handle on what’s in store for 2015, NonProfit PRO rounded up some of the nonprofit industry’s finest, who were kind enough to...

Fundraising Decision-Making: No Power in the Audience of 1

Pamela Barden January 29, 2015

For some reason, fundraisers or their bosses often put too much weight on the opinion of an audience of one. Rather than thoughtfully considering...

The Agony of Recording Your Moves

Jeff Schreifels January 12, 2015

If you can keep up-to-date and make sure your records are clean and have good information, it will help you and your organization cultivate, steward...

Podcast: Advice on Maximizing Your Return on Big Data for Nonprofit Fundraising

Joe Boland December 17, 2014

At a recent Wake Up Your Fundraising Breakfast Panel presented by FundRaising Success and sponsors Blackbaud and Listen Up Espanol , three fundraising professionals...

The Real Cost of Overhead

Larry C Johnson December 11, 2014

Liz's worthy organization sought to be frugal for years. Not a bad thing. Gradually, but surely, this desire to be financially responsible morphed into...

Clutter Can Kill Your Fundraising

Pamela Barden December 11, 2014

The key message running through NextAfter's "5 Ways to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Year-End Fundraising" report (in my opinion) is that over time,...

Does Your Message Fit Into a Tweet?

GenNext image December 2014

What strategies do you adopt to re-educate your support base, while continuing to attract the new — and younger — benefactors that represent your future?...

Nonprofit Coach With Ted Hart: Meredith Hancks on Donor Prospect Research

TedHart November 18, 2014

Ted Hart speaks with Meredith Hancks, director of prospect research and management at Western Illinois University, about donor prospect research on his Nonprofit Coach radio...