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Issues dealing with lists, segmentation, donor relationship management, privacy, data mining, testing, modeling, statistics, etc.


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This Fundraising Test Is Not Transferable

Willis Turner July 14, 2014

You can learn, and glean some great ideas, from what your colleagues are testing, but you can’t assume that what worked for them will work...

19 Nonprofit Website A/B Tests Every Fundraiser Should Run

Joe Boland July 7, 2014

Fundraising studies across the board continue to report the growth of online fundraising , which makes nonprofit websites that much more vital. Here are 19...

If I’m Not the Target Audience, Who Is?

Pamela Barden July 3, 2014

I have to know who you are if I hope to penetrate your busy world and earn a few minutes of your time to listen....

Podcast: Breaking Down the Silos Muddling Your Donor Data

Podcast: Breaking Down the Silos Muddling Your Donor Data July 3, 2014

Listen to Blackbaud's Page Bullington discuss the importance of breaking down silos when it comes to donor data in this excerpt from the Engage Virtual...

The Power of Data in Finding and Building Relationships

Joe Boland June 20, 2014

You hear it time and time again at conferences, in articles and books, during webinars, and in trainings — fundraising is all about relationships. And...

Podcast: Looking at Your Donor Database's Leaky Bucket

Podcast: Looking at Your Donor Database's Leaky Bucket June 16, 2014

Listen to Russ Reid's Roger Hiyama discuss an important key performance indicator for any fundraiser's donor database, cover ratio, in this excerpt from the Engage...

How Millennials Are Changing Charitable Giving Nonprofit Charitable Orgs logo June 13, 2014

Millennials — young people in their 20s and early 30s — are changing the philanthropic landscape. They are bringing new expectations to charitable giving,...

What We Talk About When We Talk About Data

Markets for Good logo June 11, 2014

The world of nonprofit data is full of buzzwords and jargon that gets tossed around a lot, often indiscriminately. Some of those words have...

Data: What EXACTLY Should You Be Measuring?

Margaret Battistelli Gardner June 9, 2014

Like with most things in life, the key to generating solid data that will make a difference in your donor relationships and, subsequently, your fundraising...

5 Fundraising Acquisition Tests With Legs

Willis Turner June 9, 2014

Here are five direct-mail packages that have a history of success across a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Adapting them to your mission and message...