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Issues dealing with lists, segmentation, donor relationship management, privacy, data mining, testing, modeling, statistics, etc.


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Everybody LOVES the Fundraising Pacakge. You Should Be Worried

Willis Turner August 25, 2014

If getting people to do what we went them to do was easy, there'd be no need for nonprofits....

Can We Talk About What 'Not Interested' Means?

Angie Moore August 19, 2014

The next time you're tempted to say "I'm not interested," I highly recommend you break that down and understand what is really holding you back....

JDRF’s Big Data Management

JDRF rebrand logo August 12, 2014

Managing a donor database is difficult no matter the size of an organization or its donor base. However, when you are a large, international nonprofit...

6 Keys to Fundraising Success With Millennials

ProSpeak August 7, 2014

Knowing how to effectively interact with the younger generation is imperative to successful fundraising efforts. Here are six tips to help you fundraise with the...

What's in a Personality?

Angie Moore August 5, 2014

Believe it or not, your donors actually have expectations based on specific character traits. ...

Big Data, Crowdfunding and the Fundraising Technology Craze

Tech Brain August 2014

Learn how liberal arts institution Vassar College executed a crowdfunding campaign for its annual fund and how JDRF cleaned up its donor database management to...

Big-Data Insights

Sally Boucher August 2014

With the help of WealthEngine, JDRF has cleaned up its big-data business processes and enhanced its fundraising. Here, Megan Martin, former director of data analysis...

Finding Your Direct-Mail Donors — Online

TPT Test August 2014

Most of the donors in our databases were acquired offline — through direct mail, events or other means. How do we target them with relevant...

This Fundraising Test Is Not Transferable

Willis Turner July 14, 2014

You can learn, and glean some great ideas, from what your colleagues are testing, but you can’t assume that what worked for them will work...

19 Nonprofit Website A/B Tests Every Fundraiser Should Run

Joe Boland July 7, 2014

Fundraising studies across the board continue to report the growth of online fundraising , which makes nonprofit websites that much more vital. Here are 19...