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Big-picture issues ranging from ethics and accountability to legislation to trends to hiring and management of fundraising staff


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The Importance of Marketing Yourself

F. Duke Haddad May 22, 2015

Don't ever forget to market yourself. You are your most important product and key to your ultimate institutional success. No less than 100 percent daily...

You Asked—Fundraising Questions Answered, Part Three

Pamela Barden May 21, 2015

This is the final article in a series of three that follow up on questions submitted during the NonProfit PRO webinar that David Gunn from...

The Power of One

Jeff Jowdy May 20, 2015

It only takes one person—and it has to take one person—to start a movement or an organization, to turn around a nonprofit, to take...

Darth Vader Reads My Blog

Katrina VanHuss May 15, 2015

Collecting data meaningful to gaining better results is within our grasp. GuideStar understands that donors need a way to evaluate their gifts. But they also...

You Asked—Fundraising Questions Answered, Part Two

Pamela Barden May 15, 2015

Continuing my follow-up to the NonProfit PRO webinar David Gunn from Salsa Labs and I presented, here are my answers to some of the questions...

It’s There—Waiting for You

Larry C Johnson May 14, 2015

Far too often, nonprofit leaders adopt a scarcity mentality. There's never enough. There's more competition for philanthropic dollars subdividing a fixed pie. Nothing could...

NonProfit PRO 2015 Leadership Conference Recap: What You Missed in D.C.

Leadership Conference logo May 11, 2015

Early last week, attendees from all parts of the nonprofit sector converged on Washington, D.C. for the inaugural 2015 Leadership Conference. The event, hosted...

Is Nonprofit Fundraising Underdeveloped?

F. Duke Haddad May 8, 2015

A key to change is the education plus engaging of non-fundraising staff in the fundraising process. This will take time and a great deal of...

EOD's and IED’s—Similarly Destructive

Katrina VanHuss May 8, 2015

Organizations are like cars. They need a manual. We give employees an employee manual—a guide to how the human should behave. But, we rarely create...

You Asked—Fundraising Questions Answered

Pamela Barden May 7, 2015

Last week, David Gunn from Salsa Labs and I presented a webinar hosted by NonProfit PRO. The title was, "Fundraising Acquisition: How to Grow Your...