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Big-picture issues ranging from ethics and accountability to legislation to trends to hiring and management of fundraising staff


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10 Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings

People September 17, 2014

Lively meetings engage your board members and propel them into action. Deadly meetings can sap all the energy out of everyone. Here are 10 great...

So You Want a Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Job Interview?

F. Duke Haddad September 12, 2014

The interview process in the nonprofit fundraising sector is what you make of it, but having a proper interview process is critical if you desire...

A Confession — and a Challenge to Fundraisers

Pamela Barden September 11, 2014

I have been blessed by generous people who provided learnings and suggestions as I traveled my (so far) 35-year journey in fundraising. And I have...

How to Activate Your Board Members' Energy for Fundraising

Gail Perry September 10, 2014

You have a wonderful opportunity to educate your board members about what good fundraising really looks like. This is the first step to activate...

How Do You Serve Your Donors?

Jeff Jowdy September 10, 2014

Do donors believe that we are there, to help them, no matter what? And are we?...

Engage P2P: Keeping it Lively Right Up to the End

Margaret Battistelli Gardner September 9, 2014

If your organization does P2P fundraising — or if you wish it would — I hope you'll join us in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 21....

5 Back-to-Work Supplies for Fundraisers

Pamela Barden September 4, 2014

A well-supplied fundraiser heads back to the office this month with the right tools to make the most of these remaining weeks and ensure a...

5 Clues Your Fundraising Is Headed Downhill

Gail Perry September 3, 2014

Consistent fundraising success doesn't just happen. It takes serious work and commitment. And many organizations have a hard time getting it right....

Helping Donors to Better Understand You

DMANF Nonprofit Dashboard September 2014

It’s time for us to help donors more accurately evaluate nonprofits as they choose organizations to support. Enter the DMA Nonprofit Federation's Nonprofit Dashboard. ...

Demystifying the RFP Process

Tom Hurley September 2014

The request for proposal can sometimes be the official “first date” for most agency/nonprofit organization relationships. It sets the tone for the partnership and...