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Big-picture issues ranging from ethics and accountability to legislation to trends to hiring and management of fundraising staff


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3 Ways to Encourage Your Organization to Invest in Fundraising

Pamela Barden July 31, 2014

The added money to invest in acquisition this year may not be enough to solve all your problems, but if you make it work hard...

Get Away and Get Energized to Increase Your Fundraising Impact!

Jeff Jowdy July 30, 2014

Allow yourself the essential luxury of thinking longer term. Not day to day — but month by month, year-end and even two to three years...

Try a Carrot-and-Stick Approach With Your Nonprofit Board

Gail Perry July 30, 2014

Let's talk about how much profit we make from our different fundraising strategies. Let's educate our leaders to think differently about fundraising....

Engage P2P Keynote: Marty Coelho

Margaret Battistelli Gardner July 29, 2014

Marty Coelho was one of the driving forces behind Relay for Life . You probably don't  know him in that context. But if your...

Is Leadership Transition a Problem for You?

F. Duke Haddad July 25, 2014

You cannot control leadership transition, but you can control how you deal with it and you can be prepared for it....

Never Stop Asking Why

Pamela Barden July 24, 2014

What if, instead of simply going with the flow, we started asking why? Here are some fundraising things worth asking "why?" about....

Do You P2P?

Margaret Battistelli Gardner July 23, 2014

Or do you want to? Either way, you should plan on joining us in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 21....

House Passes Bill Designed to Encourage Gifts to Charity

Chronicle of Philanthropy Logo2 July 21, 2014

Under threat of a presidential veto, the House of Representatives on Thursday passed a tax bill designed to encourage gifts to charity on a...

6 Ways to Influence Your CEO to Love Fundraising

Jeff Schreifels July 21, 2014

This is crucial. Your organization will never grow if your top leader cannot embrace fundraising and understand it's a large part of the job....

What Is Your Strategy to Make and Keep Connections?

Jeff Jowdy July 16, 2014

Relationships can be magical when nurtured. Be sure that you are focused on the right professional relationships to ensure success for you and the worthy...