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Give the Next Generations of Fundraising a Seat at the Table

F. Duke Haddad April 11, 2014

I suggest you establish a mentoring program where you could mentor a young professional year-round whose desire is to make a career in the nonprofit...

Giving Pledge Signers Gave Big in 2013 but Not Much for Today's Needs

Chronicle of Philanthropy Logo2 February 11, 2014

More than 120 of the world’s billionaires have committed publicly to giving at least half their wealth to charity, including 19 on this year’s...

Gifts Surge From Rich U.S. Donors

Chronicle of Philanthropy Logo2 February 10, 2014

America’s most generous donors are ditching the caution that marked so much of their giving as the economy stalled and are roaring back with a...

Strong U.S. Stock Market Put College Endowments Back in the Black in 2013

Commonfund logo new January 28, 2014

College endowments rebounded in the 2013 fiscal year, with an average increase in value of 11.7 percent over a year earlier, according to the...

Jahi McMath Case Used as Consumer Watchdog Fundraising Tool

Consumer Watchdog logo January 9, 2014

The case of Jahi McMath , the 13-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead after a tonsillectomy at Children's Hospital Oakland , is now the...

2013's Biggest Gifts Signal Rebound

Mark Zuckerberg January 2, 2014

Big gifts made a comeback in 2013, with America’s wealthiest philanthropists donating a total of more than $3.4 billion to charity, according to a...

A Novel Approach to Fundraising by a Nonprofit Ballet Organization

MYB logo December 30, 2013

The Maryland Youth Ballet , a nonprofit arts institution that provides pre-professional dance training to more than 900 children and 700 adults, has lost more...

The Elusive Search for 'Big Donors'

fundchat logo December 26, 2013

So many nonprofit leaders come to me searching for “big donors.” They seem to think that there’s a pool of donors pining around at...

5 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2014

Nell Edgington December 17, 2013

Among other obvious things, December is a time for reflection on the past year and predictions for the coming year. There have already been some...

Typhoon Haiyan: Americans' Interest and Philanthropy Flagging, Pew Finds

Super Typhoon Yolanda November 20, 2013

When the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 devastated parts of Indonesia, and when a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, a sizable percentage of...