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Specific tools and techniques to support fundraising, including things like auctions, sweepstakes, telefundraising, mobile and corporate partnerships


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5 Reasons to Use Event Management Software to Plan Your Next Fundraising Event

ProSpeak July 28, 2014

Let the software do most of the work so you can concentrate on ensuring the most success for your fundraising events. Here are five...

Is Clickbait Fundraising Evil? The Answer May Shock You!

Willis Turner July 28, 2014

The fact that some writers use clickbait for devious purposes doesn't make the technique itself bad, any more than a pickpocket makes fingers bad....

Fundraising Special Events Report: Raising Money and Awareness

AFP 2014 Speical Events Report July 25, 2014

The goal of any fundraising event is to raise money for a worthy cause. However, according to the recently released 2014 Special Events Report from...

Gold Awards Flashback: Monmouth University (2013 Special Events Campaign of the Year)

FS1013_Gold_PaulGaffney Roast2 July 22, 2014

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence , take a look back at last year's Special Events Campaign...

6 Ways to Strengthen the Heart of a Fundraising Letter

Willis Turner July 21, 2014

A great fundraising appeal or email can have many different variables. But a clear call to action must be a constant. So whatever else you...

The Top 10 Largest Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events in the U.S.

RallyBound Top 10 P2P Events 2013 July 16, 2014

Social fundraising provider RallyBound recently released this handy infographic of the "Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events," all of which include peer-to-peer fundraising. The...

Gold Awards Flashback: New York Public Library (2011 On the Edge Winner)

NYPL logo July 15, 2014

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence , take a look back at the 2011 On the Edge...

Corporate Giving: The 10 Companies That Gave the Most in 2013

Joe Boland July 15, 2014

The Chronicle of Philanthropy released its list of the "10 Companies That Gave the Most Cash in 2013," which serves as a reminder that nonprofit...

Fundraising Wisdom From a 25-Year Pro: Connie Sanderson, Kurn Hattin Homes for Children

Connie Sanderson July 15, 2014

In the spirit of handing down wisdom from those who have forged a path before us, Connie Sanderson, co-executive director of Kurn Hattin Homes for...

Nonprofit Coach With Ted Hart: Jean Block and Niki McCuiston on Social Enterprise

TedHart July 8, 2014

Ted Hart speaks with nonprofit consultants Jean Block and Niki Nicastro McCuistion about social enterprise on his Nonprofit Coach radio show....