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Specific tools and techniques to support fundraising, including things like auctions, sweepstakes, telefundraising, mobile and corporate partnerships


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'We Don't Want Your Money …'

Gail Perry August 20, 2014

This approach and these ideas can guide you to much, much bigger money. It's all in how you approach your donor....

5 Creative, Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns

Top 5 Wildest Nonprofits Fundraisers August 13, 2014

Online fundraising platform RallyBound recently unveiled the "Top 5 Wildest Nonprofit Fundraisers," highlighting five extremely creative — and successful — peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns....

How Events Can Ruin a Major-Gifts Program

Richard Perry August 11, 2014

Inviting major donors to an event defeats the requirement of creating personal, cause-connected relationships with them and results in raising less money from those who...

Training for the Future of Fundraising

Pamela Barden August 7, 2014

The skills you will need aren't "rocket science" — they're the same skills that separate the good fundraisers from the great ones even now in...

Gold Awards Flashback: MSCPA (2011 Multichannel Campaign of the Year)

August 7, 2014

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence , take a look back at the 2011 Multichannel Campaign of...

2014 New York Nonprofit Conference: Chelsea Clinton on Fundraising and Storytelling

Joe Boland August 5, 2014

"Fundraising is storytelling," as Brian Cowart, chief development officer at Disabled American Veterans, said yesterday during his sit-down Q&A with Chelsea Clinton at the DMA...

What's in a Personality?

Angie Moore August 5, 2014

Believe it or not, your donors actually have expectations based on specific character traits. ...

3 Deadly Fundraising Words You Probably Don't Even Realize You're Saying

Willis Turner August 4, 2014

When you roadblock a new avenue of discussion, just make sure you're doing it because it's a dumb idea, not because trying it would be...

The 10-Point Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Run/Walk/Ride Event Checklist

Joe Boland July 30, 2014

At the 2014 Bridge Conference, three fundraising professionals provided a checklist for launching a peer-to-peer fundraising run/walk/ride event. In their session "From Zero to 5K...

Gold Awards Flashback: Democratic National Committee (2013 Telefundraising Campaign of the Year)

Joe Boland July 29, 2014

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence , take a look back at last year's Telefundraising Campaign of...